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2017 - 2018

The Radisson Blu at Zurich Airport belongs to the world-renowned Rezidor Group and is known for its function as a conference hotel as well as for the rental of meeting rooms 365 days a year. In these rooms one should not only concentrate on the essentials and find the appropriate infrastructure, but also feel comfortable.


The color concept, which is matched to each individual room, aims to create a comfortable environment in which one likes to linger. The specially designed furniture allows for a great deal of flexibility, so that the buffet can be folded away in a few easy steps, the lamp on castors can be left unplaced or the kitchen can be closed in a few easy steps. The coloring of the furniture is deliberately kept in shades of grey, which creates a neutral feel and allows the colors from the palette of File under Pop to stand out The photographs form a unity with the color combination.


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