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After working for Sun Wood Industries in Thailand from

2001 - 2002, where among other designs, Maria Zachariae developed some bathroom elements in teak, Maria got approached by Skagerak, a danish design company. Skagerak liked the design and wanted to develop an outdoor kitchen on the basis of these elements. Shortly after, in 2003, the outdoor kitchen stations, called Pantry 1 and 2 were launched. Pantry Module 1 and 2 are two versatile work stations designed to help out right next to your grill, your greenhouse or inside your kitchen. With its two shelves and practical steel tubes on both sides Pantry offers an exceptional storage opportunity with plenty of space for both kitchen utensils, crafting tools or pots and soil. The tabletop itself is made from hardwearing fiber-reinforced concrete while the frame is crafted in teak wood.



Carl Hansen&SON


With the help of the Danish Arts Foundation Maria Zachariae developed a serie of furniture, that was put into production by Carl Hansen & Son. It consists of a round table with a mat glass top, a small sofa and a light chair with inlaid wedge in the back. All the frames are of ash and the seats upholstered with textiles or with special Greenland seal. After the campaign against the use of seal skin, it has been difficult for the Greenland hunters to sell their skins. As seal hunting is a thousand- year old tradition, on which the country and the culture are highly dependent, it was important for the designer to contribute to finding new ways to for using this strong and beautiful product. It must be remembered that the seal is not an endagered species.

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