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2017 - 2018

A total renovation of a listed house in Tann.The centrally located detached house is being carefully renovated and converted accordingly. The original two residential units are merged into one.

Since the facade is protected,  the house was insulated from inside.

All original wooden panels and doors were dismantle, restored, reinstalled and painted light grey.

The floor plans have been adapted to today's needs. the entrance area is also access to the 4-story staircase. From here you get into a spacious cloakroom with lots of storage space and the guest toilet. From the entrance you access a bright living-dining area that has been connected via an external staircase to the garden. With its oak fronts, the modern and spacious kitchen mirrors the materials of the parquet flooring, the new steps and the window ledges. The midnight blue backsplash done with tiles from File under Pop is a reminiscent of the earlier wooden coverings.

The first floor has two children bedrooms, a master bedroom and two bathrooms. The attic was opened up and the roof insulated . This results in a very elegant high-ceilinged light flooded area with the exposed supporting wooden structure  to enjoy.

The materials complement each other very well. The warm wooden oak parquet, the beautiful lavastones with its silk printed pattern from file under Pop and the dark blue colors of the fitted cupboards all over. All the fitted cabinets and drawers for the project were specially designed to meet the clients needs and produced by the carpenter.

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